Of course you can use your own backdrop.  As long as your backdrop is 6×9 feet maximum, we can provide the stand.  If your own backdrop is bigger than that, just let us know and we can accommodate you accordingly.  

Yes, all you have to do is let your Pic My Event photo booth attendant know you would like to keep the photo booth longer than the time you initially agreed upon.  We will make arrangement with the client to keep the party going at $100 per extra hour if we do not have an event scheduled after yours.   

Yes, you can do that for an additional fee. In the example mentioned above, you’d be renting the photo booth for 9 hours.  Please email picmyevent@gmail.comfor a custom quote.

Our photo booth can be set up indoor or outdoors.  If you are having an indoor event, we can set up a backdrop that will take up less space.  If you have an outdoor event, you may want to take advantage of our tent set up if it is sunny outside.  Either way, it’s up to you if you want to use our tent set up

One of the fun features of a photo booth at any event is the Scrapbook. This is quite different from everyday Scrap booking. We will take a copy of all of your guest’s photo strips and adhere them onto a photo book. Your guests will be able to write a memorable message next to each picture.  This activity is hugely popular at all events and fun for all ages.  You also have the option of providing your own scrapbook.  You provide the scrapbook and we’ll put your memories together.    We are here to make your event to your liking. Your imagination is the limit. 

This is a fair question even if they are included in the package for free.  We promise you that you will be happy with the variety of props we provide depending on the package you choose. All you have to do is let us know the theme of your event and we will take of the rest. 

Although you might think that you need 5 hours of photo booth time at your event, the package you choose should be determined by the number of guests that you are inviting. Because of the photo booth’s popularity, lines for photo booths can be very long. No one likes to wait in lines, especially guests at a wedding who have had plenty to drink and their feet are killing them.  Just remember that the more time you reserve for the photo booth, the more time they can sit and come back to take pictures when the line is shorter. 

Our setup takes about 6ft x 8ft of space. We also provide a standard 6 foot table (with a table cloth) to display all the fantastic props that are available to your guests.  Depending on the space you have available, we can customize our set up. 

The photos print in approximately 10 seconds. Generally by the time you are out of the booth, the images have already printed.

Of course we do! At no extra charge we can add custom graphics or company logos at the bottom of our photo strips. Also included is customized text and event date options. Just let us know at least 21 days prior to your event and we will create your custom strips

We will upload all the photos to our online gallery (SmugMug) where your friends and family can download them for free, tag them to any Social Media platform, or order more prints.  The day after you event, we will send you a custom URL (weblink) via email.  All you have to do is copy and paste that URL to a web browser and you will have instant access to the pictures from your event. 

People do ask this quite often! You absolutely need a photographer to take pictures of the event itself (mostly weddings), however the photo booth provides an unprecedented amount of entertainment for your guests. The photo booth allows your guests to let loose, be silly, and just have fun! The photos you keep from it are an incredible reminder of your fun event. When you see grandma wearing a feather boa and blowing kisses into the camera, you will know it’s a hit.

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